Sim Heng Heng : Mobile Phone Number can change your life.

First of all, I have to apologize for my english language. I am not good at writing in english but i will try my best to write and make you understand clearly and easily in my way.

Nowadays, mobile phone is an important factor of life. we use it everyday and some people use mobile phone all the time to connect with people on their social networks.

and you know what? mobile phone number that you use everyday can tell you about your personality, your job role, your fate, your health, your relationship with others and etc. you might think that it is not possible.
so Don’t just believe me. You should prove it by yourself!

um..let’s start at the basic

Basic Method : How to analize phone number

mostly each country has around 10 digits of mobile phone numbers in which each digit represents each different role.

number position analysis : abc-def-ghij

“ab” : not effect to people so we don’t analyze.
“cde” : your image or your Look, dressing, personality and how people see you.
“efgh” : your job role or your career that you expert with.
“ij” : your future or whatever you want to be in the future.

  • for example : 043-246-9519
  • 04 : we will not analyze this position so skip it

    324 : people will see you as a charming person, sweet, popular, friendly, many people want to know you.

    4695 : you are good at negotiating charmingly with others. creative and suit for the job that have to use creativity or arts. can work in the international environment or language ability.

    19 : in the future, you will be popular and out-standing, stay in high society and good environment. good taste and because of good things come to you so it makes you kind of high ego, anyway 😉

    okay, i think that you will understand what i explain about the sample above.
    next post i will write about the meaning of each number as 1 digit and 2 digits so you can know more and analyze your number by yourself.

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